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Andie Duquette live at Hubelmatt!


On the 30 November on a Friday afternoon, Andie Duquette and her husband came to visit our school, gave us a little concert and answered some of our questions. Beside their talent, they are funny, inspiring and passionate. They sang Andie's song "wrong, wrong, wrong" while we had to fill in the gaps with the missing words from the song. It was a nice experience for everyone and we hope to see Andie and Brian again!                  

Andie told us that she has a dog and that her guitar player is her husband. He was very friendly and I think that they are a nice couple. They sang us some more songs and at the end, we could ask her to sing cover songs for us, even a Spanish song, just not "despacito". I think the concert was really nice. I would be very happy if we could repeat it once again.                                                                                                                      

I think the concert was great! Andie has a beautiful voice and a great guitarist. It was funny when they tried to speak Swiss German and also when they tried to rap. I enjoyed every moment of the afternoon and I hope that many more artists come to visit us.

Iana, Maëlle and Ismael

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